Be A Performer

“The Musical Arts Series Port Clinton offers the opportunity for artists to perform for a welcoming audience in an intimate venue with excellent acoustics. Please contact us by email or phone if you would like to learn more about being a Musical Arts Series concert performer.”

The Venue

The Venue

Artists performing in our venue enjoy

  • playing in a room with excellent acoustics
  • the intimacy of a room conducive to chamber music performance
  • a sound system
  • a fine, six foot Yamaha grand piano
  • music stands and professional chairs
  • a comfortable, private room, convenient to rest rooms, for dressing and resting at intermissions
  • the opportunity to meet the audience at our post-concert receptions.

Concert Length

Performers should plan on a program of about 90 minutes, including a 15 minute intermission. Some choose to do no intermission, and some are a bit shorter than this. We are reasonably flexible and discuss this with individual performers before the contract is drawn and signed.


We offer up to two nights’ complimentary housing for as many rooms as are needed (within reason).

Master Class Options

Performers interested in teaching Master Class during their time in Port Clinton should indicate such as they begin discussions with the MAS Board.

See photos from our last Master Class: